What should I do to prepare for my SimplyGlowing spray tanning session?

  • Wax or shave 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Make sure manicure and pedicures are done 24 hours before tanning session.
  • EXFOLIATE  at least 4 hours before your tanning appointment.
  • DO NOT use exfoliating body washes or scrubs that are oil based.
  • Best way to exfoliate is to soak in a hot bath for 10 minutes, then scrub skin well with an exfoliating mitt. DO NOT use soap/body wash when exfoliating skin. After bathing rub vigorously with towel to dry off.
  • Do not have any lotions, deodorant, or makeup on your skin.
  • Make sure you have dark, loose clothes (no jeans or workout pants) to wear after your appointment. Also, remember to have flip-flops (no shoes with straps or sneakers.)
  • You may wear whatever you are most comfortable in durning your session, TAN LINES OPTIONAL. All males must be covered.

What are the “Do’s and Don’ts” after my tanning appointment?

  • Avoid contact with water and sweating  6-8 hours after appointment.
  • Take gentle showers (NO BATHS) the next 7-10 days.
  • Do not use a loofah or scrub skin.
  • Ph balanced body washes are best for airbrushed skin. DO NOT use Dove, Oil Of Olay, or any deodorant soaps!
  • Always pat skin dry with a towel after your shower.
  • MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE daily to hydrate skin!
  • Do NOT use products that contain mineral oil, alpha hydroxy acids, alcohol or acne washes on skin.
  • Aways use SPF, an airbrush tan does not protect your skin from harmful UV rays.
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